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    Operational Transparency: What It Is and Why You Need It

    One area of importance that routinely pops up within the food and beverage industry is this area of traceability and trust/transparency. Trust is not a nice-to-have soft attribute anymore, but can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure. This is why trust and food safety go hand in hand. If you don’t agree, just ask Chipotle how important rebuilding consumer trust is to their bottom line and how difficult it’s been. At the end of the day for all of us, there’s nothing quite as personal as the food we consume and feed our families. 

    Not Even Hummus Is Safe! Navigating Through the Dreaded Food Recall

    It has happened…the moment that all food manufacturers have some form of anxiety about. The moment that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemies—the dreaded food recall.  As we begin the month of May, we have already seen quite a few major food recalls, with the most recent involving Blue Bell after eight listeria illnesses were linked to the ice cream brand, with three of those illnesses resulting in death.

    Food Manufacturers and FSMA: Protecting the Brand with Documentation and Media Savvy

    Charles M. Breen is an expert regulatory consultant for food companies on FDA matters with a 41-year career at the FDA in food safety, imports, and program management.  During a recent webinar hosted by TraceGains, Breen indicated that food manufacturers should keep their eye on Google as an indication of what products will be of heightened scrutiny under FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act.)