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Top Food and Beverage Blogs to Follow

Helen Timothy
May 3, 2021

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Your job demands you stay on top of the latest news and best practices. Evolving regulations, shifting supply chains, and changing consumer preferences make it hard to keep up while staying on track with work. We've compiled a list of the top five blogs to help stay on top of all the latest.

Food Dive

food dive blog screenshot

A TraceGains team favorite, Food Dive offers easily digestible industry news. The articles are concise, allowing readers to get the story and move on quickly. Food Dive's Opinion section brings together the latest opinions from industry thought leaders, offering a view behind the curtain at some of food and beverage's largest companies.

Consumer Brands Association

cba blog screenshot

CBA's blog offers the latest news that's top-of-mind for the consumer packaged goods industry. The blog has a unique feature allowing readers to filter stories by topics: Industry Impact, Supply Chain, Trust, Regulation, and Sustainability.

Food Safety News

food safety news blog screenshot

Founded by food safety attorney Bill Marler, Food Safety News (FSN) offers daily in-depth reports that focus on safety and quality. FSN frequently has contributions from guest writers, offering up a variety of voices and experiences.

The Spoon

spoon blog screenshot

Positioning itself as "the go-to source for food tech execs," The Spoon is for creators, innovators, and industry disruptors working to reinvent the way we eat. The Spoon offers more than just articles - you can also find podcasts and videos.


fmi blog screenshot

FMI works with industry stakeholders to advance a safer, healthier, and more efficient consumer food supply chain. Their blog is a great place to find the latest news in food safety and research, consumer affairs, and government relations.

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