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Why Suppliers Should Watch TGCon Live 2020 On-Demand

Denis Storey
September 4, 2020

TGCon Live: Watch thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert panels, customer use case presentations, and more on-demand now.

TGCon Live On-Demand

TGCon Live

TGCon Live is an interactive, online event, featuring thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert sessions, customer use cases, certificate training, networking, and more, all available on-demand.

TGCon Live On-Demand

Suppliers in the food, supplements, and CPG space that build trust with customers win more business. 

What is TraceGains Network?

TraceGains Network is the premier collaborative platform for the food, supplements, and CPG industries. It connects the supply chain — from suppliers to food manufacturers to brokers and distributors — plus grocery retailers (to name a few).

People use TraceGains Network to digitize and automate the exchange of data, documentation, and information for compliance with industry mandates like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We built TraceGains Network in cooperation with the industries it serves. It's designed for all stakeholders to streamline and speed up business processes while gaining supply chain visibility and insight. For example, when suppliers use TraceGains' PostOnce® technology, they can satisfy all customer document requests with a single mouse click.

And the best part? TraceGains Network is complimentary for suppliers.

What is TGCon Live 2020?

TGCon Live 2020 was the first online version of TraceGains' annual conference. And because it was virtual, we invited the entire industry, not just our customers and their suppliers.

The event featured learning tracks, breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions designed for you.

TGCon Live 2020 - What was in it for suppliers?

  1. Training: Whether you're a pure novice or veteran TraceGains Network user, you need to know how to win more business and deliver better service. TGCon Live included training for suppliers to build better business relationships, and shared plenty of time-saving tips and tricks.

  2. Industry: Suppliers are the backbone of the food, supplements, and CPG industries. It's essential to understand where the industry is going regarding regulations, innovations, and challenges.

  3. Networking: Suppliers were able to connect with customers throughout the event via virtual meet-ups. Shared experiences build trust, and they contribute to more productive business discussions.

  4. Virtual: The virtual event format offered new opportunities—for reaching a broader audience, reducing our carbon footprint, and offering a more flexible schedule to watch sessions on-demand.

  5. Supply Chain: We hosted a Strategic Supply Chain Panel to discuss the supply chain's state. It's hard to remember a time in recent history where there's been this supply chain disruption level, which led to an exciting discussion.

TGCon Live 2020 is Now Available On-Demand

Don't worry if you couldn't attend TGCon Live this year or missed a key session. The entire conference available on-demand at no cost here.