Top Five Reasons Suppliers Should Attend TGCon 2020

Posted by Marc Simony on December 12, 2019 at 11:14 AM

DenverSuppliers in the food and beverage, and CPG space that build trust with customers win more business. Suppliers shore up that trust when they can quickly deliver the right product to the right customer with excellent customer service along the way.

Make plans to join us at TGCon 2020, the annual TraceGains user conference, to improve the speed and efficiency of the selection, approval, and onboarding process and increase purchase order frequency and size while reducing overhead costs. Whether you’re a leader or an individual contributor, and whatever your experience level with TraceGains solutions, we have learning tracks, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and one-on-one expert appointments designed for you.

Take part in the largest gathering of the TraceGains community where you can meet directly with your customers, learn how to better promote your products, and have fun. Attendees will leave with real techniques designed to improve your business.

“It was great to have both a supplier’s perspective and a customer’s perspective,” Susie Miller, Crest Foods, explained. “Hearing feedback and learning the system from both sides strengthened my relationships and helps make my job easier.”

TGCon, set for April 14-15 in Denver, is in its seventh year – its third year with suppliers. The event is bigger than ever. But what’s in it for suppliers? Plenty.

  1. Training: This one is obvious. Whether you’re a pure novice or veteran user, you need to know how to win more business and deliver better service. We have a full training track for suppliers to build better business relationships, and we’ll share plenty of time-saving tips and tricks.

  2. Education: Huh, isn’t that just training? Nope. TGCon will offer many peer-driven educational sessions with real-world use cases that will help suppliers tackle typical business problems in new ways.

  3. Networking: Meet your customers. Meet your peers. Shared experiences build trust and lifetime bonds. And then, when you speak with them on the phone again, you can finally be honest, and you both will appreciate it and perform better.

  4. Feedback: Meet us. Because we want to meet you, too. You can hug us or kick us in the shin; all forms of feedback and communication are welcome and will find their way back into the product.

  5. Colorado: The conference is held in the heart of downtown Denver with plenty to offer in terms of sports, live entertainment, good food, and more. You could even add a vacation day or two, before or after, and head into the mountains. The Rocky Mountains offer a wide variety of activities, including world-class skiing, hiking, or enjoy the beautiful views and a spa day.

To help out, we’ve drafted a justification letter for your boss. Or just visit our conference website for more info:

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