Top 5 Reasons to Attend TGCon 2020

Posted by Denis Storey on November 6, 2019 at 9:23 AM

Denver Convention CenterAttendees at the 7th annual TraceGains user conference can expect a healthy mix of technical product training and collaborative educational sessions. The goal is to help users streamline daily operations, encourage better internal and supplier collaboration, while making the most of their TraceGains investment. The TraceGains team – as well as power users – will help teach attendees what they need to excel and where they can apply that knowledge to transform their business processes.

  1. Get the most out of your TraceGains investment. Attendees will acquire expert insight that isn’t available anywhere else to get the most value out of their TraceGains products. Customers can find out just how their peers are customizing and extending their own solutions to drive their businesses forward.
  2. Expand your knowledge base. TGCon 2020 will deliver exclusive learning opportunities, including peer-led case studies, interactive presentations from industry experts, collaborative discussions, thought-provoking general sessions, and irreplaceable one-on-one time with TraceGains technical experts.
  3. Stay informed of product developments and enhancements. Attendees with get an exclusive sneak peek at the updated TraceGains product roadmap plan, so they can anticipate how to take full advantage of upcoming upgrades. Additionally, TGCon instructors are on hand throughout the conference to show customers untapped features so they can extract additional value from their TraceGains or TraceGains Network site.
  4. Strengthen relationships with your supply chain partners. For the third year in a row, we’ve invited TraceGains Network suppliers to join their customers at TGCon. Attendees will be able to get quality face-to-face time with their customers or suppliers, giving them a rare opportunity to discuss how to better nurture those relationships.
  5. Empower your team. After leaving TGCon to return home, attendees will have the resources, information, and contacts they need to innovate how they operate, overcome an ever-growing list of challenges, and foster greater collaboration to plug in and go faster.

Bonus: Need another reason to book a flight to Denver for this year’s TGCon? Based on extensive feedback from previous attendees, we’ve completely revamped the format of this year’s program. So TGCon 2020 will be as fresh for seven-year veterans as it is for first-time attendees.

Finally, TGCon is bigger than ever. That’s why we’ll be hosting this year’s event in our biggest venue to date: The Colorado Convention Center.

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