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Top 5 Reasons to Check Out TGCon Live On-Demand

Annie Wissner
September 1, 2020

TGCon Live: Watch thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert panels, customer use case presentations, and more on-demand now.

TGCon Live On-Demand

TGCon Live

TGCon Live is an interactive, online event, featuring thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert sessions, customer use cases, certificate training, networking, and more, all available on-demand.

TGCon Live On-Demand

The seventh annual TraceGains conference, TGCon 2020, was quite different this year, but much of what past attendees know and love remained. Participants enjoyed a healthy mix of thought-leadership sessions, industry expert panels, roundtable discussions, customer use-cases, training, and more.

Why You Should Check Out TGCon Live 2020 On-Demand

  1. It’s Digital. The new online format meant we could capture everything and offer the flexibility to watch sessions on-demand. 

  2. No Cost. The entire event was complimentary for the TraceGains community: customers, suppliers, industry experts, and partners, from executives to end-users and everyone in between. And this year, we invited the broader industry to speak and participate.

  3. Live Interaction. We added “live” to the name for a reason. This event wasn’t a pre-recorded, canned event posing as a conference; it featured real people connecting in real-time over three days. 

  4. Custom Experience. We invested in Pathable, a leading digital event platform, to provide guests with optimal functionality. We know your time is valuable, and we refused to lower the high standards set for TGCon just because of a pandemic. Every participant for the live event or watching later on-demand can design a custom conference experience just right for them.

  5. The Gang’s All Here. One thing that separates TGCon from the herd is it isn’t another slogan-rich marketing event that only goes one level down. It was designed by people who live and breathe the industry, the regulators, the manufacturers, and the retailers of food, beverage, and supplements products.

Did You Miss TGCon Live 2020?

Don’t worry if you couldn’t attend TGCon Live this year or missed a key session. The entire conference available on-demand at no cost here.

TGCon 2020

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