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Top 10 Reasons to Attend TGCon 2019

Denis Storey
January 18, 2019

TGCon Live: Watch thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert panels, customer use case presentations, and more on-demand now.

TGCon Live On-Demand

TGCon Live

TGCon Live is an interactive, online event, featuring thought-leadership keynotes, industry roundtables, expert sessions, customer use cases, certificate training, networking, and more, all available on-demand.

TGCon Live On-Demand

We’re ramping up for TGCon 2019 – the only place where the TraceGains community comes together under one roof to network, learn and solve business challenges. The theme of this year’s conference is “Plug In. Go Faster.” We’ll showcase how our customers are leveraging TraceGains to break down barriers, accelerate processes, and get to market faster. With specialized tracks and industry experts onsite, attendees can customize their experience to make a lasting impact on their business and career.

Here are the top 10 reasons TGCon 2019 is a can’t-miss for you and your organization:

10. Denver

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Denver has it all. Boasting 300 days of sunshine, a hopping restaurant and craft beer scene, world-class museums, and beautiful downtown walking paths – the Mile High City is the perfect playground.

9. Catch up with fellow users

Every year, more than 200 TraceGains users from across the country attend TGCon. There’s simply no better way to compares notes, shortcuts, and questions with other customers. Cherienne Griffith from CHEVOO said, “The networking piece of TGCon is absolutely fantastic – to see how others use the system, bounce ideas off each other and really help each other out.”

8. Our attendees win awards

TraceGains is nothing without its customers. As such, we make it a priority to take some time out of the conference every year to honor select users and suppliers, whether it’s power users or creative customers.

7. More experts per capita

Connect with an entire community of experts, solution consultants, partners, and TraceGains executives to find out more about emerging trends and technologies. If you’re struggling with something, you can rest assured you’ll find friends who’ve been where you are and can help improve your day-to-day or commiserate over a drink. Additionally, there are ample opportunities for attendees to schedule one-on-one time with our experienced customer service team members.

6. More industry knowledge than any other show

There’s more to your job than just using TraceGains. Attend panels and presentations led by experts on various topics, such as the Food Safety and Modernization Act, Preventative Controls Qualified Individuals, Foreign Supplier Verification Program, labeling, and more. 

5. Meet real suppliers

For the second year in a row, suppliers will be at TGCon, allowing customers a different perspective on the TraceGains product lineup. Customers who’ve heard from suppliers have found it much easier to work with them through TraceGains. There’s no substitute for meeting your suppliers face-to-face.

4. Get TraceGains certified before anyone else

Hundreds of LinkedIn job postings every year request TraceGains experience. Make sure you stand out from the pack. This year marks the debut of TraceGains Certificates, an expanded training curriculum tailored to each attendee’s job function and level of expertise. This formal certificate program verifies your level of expertise with TraceGains solutions, so whether you’re seeking a competitive advantage or you want to ensure your team’s making the most of their investment, TraceGains Certification is valuable to you and everyone on your team.

3. Make the most of your TraceGains investment

Get expert walkthroughs on every aspect of our product portfolio. These exhaustive training sessions provide even more value when you return to work and share the wealth with your coworkers. Better training allows you to work faster and smarter, making everyone’s life a little easier.

2. Follow the TraceGains technology roadmap

One of the highlights of TGCon every year – at least judging by the standing-room-only crowds – is the Product Roadmap session. Attendees get an exclusive, behind-the-curtain peek into new products and enhancements in development for 2020. TGCon is the perfect place to make your voice heard. TraceGains software is continually improved based on the valuable feedback we get from our customers. This session allows for direct input before release, including multiple roundtable sessions that could help influence the final product.

1. Be part of something bigger

As Erin Woolf, Quality Specialist with Request Foods Inc., said, “Being here at TGCon, you realize you’re part of something major in the food industry, and that feels really good.”

TraceGains has been making waves in the food and beverage business for more than a decade. Since our acquisition of Healthnotes last year, we’re also a major player in the dietary supplements space. Our customers, their suppliers, and even retailers can benefit from the combined network that forms the foundation of TraceGains. Find your people at TGCon 2019.

Take a breather from your typical nine-to-five workday to network, explore, and learn how to improve your day-to-day grind. Equip yourself with new info and better tricks that will reenergize you when you return to work and are excited to put what you learned into action.  

Did You Miss TGCon Live 2020?

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend this year’s event, TGCon Live 2020, or missed a key session. The entire conference available on-demand at no cost here.