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The First Sold-Out TGCon is in the Books

Denis Storey
May 2, 2019

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NEXT: Oct. 13-14

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TGCon 2019, out sixth annual user conference, wrapped late last week, capping off the annual event’s most successful run yet. TGCon 2019 drew a sold-out crowd with hundreds of customers, suppliers, and partners.

Attendees enjoyed a glimpse behind the development curtain, with exclusive previews of new products and enhancements in development as well as the technology roadmap for 2020 and beyond. Customers had the opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the future direction of the technology. The TraceGains customer success team worked with subject matter experts to deliver group educational meetings and individual coaching sessions.

The event, held at the Sheraton in downtown Denver, featured several highlights, including: 

  • The debut of TraceGains Certifications, an expanded training curriculum tailored to the unique job functions and experience levels of TraceGains users.

  • The announcement of a strategic agreement with RSM US, a leading Microsoft Solution Partner, to offer an out-of-the-box solution that simplifies integration with TraceGains solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software.

  • The launch of Specification Management, the only network-connected, SaaS-based specification management solution in the industry. This new solution, a critical component of TraceGains’ New Product Development Suite, lets companies author, publish, and update raw material and finished goods specifications with suppliers.

  • The keynote address by TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki that signaled a renewed push into the retail industry.

  • The details of a ground-breaking partnership with Ecofibre, the leader in hemp technologies for health and resource sustainability to drive standards and compliance in the hemp industry.

  • The flavor industry came together led by industry veteran Penny Marsh, to collaborate and drive standards in the flavor business.

  • An awards ceremony honored TraceGains customers who’ve demonstrated excellent use of TraceGains solutions and leadership in the community. Winners included KanPak, Sensient Flavors, and John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.

Finally, TraceGains incorporated community service into this year’s program, with TGCon Trivia Night and a fund drive that raised more than $2,500 for Food for Thought-Denver, a local nonprofit that provides food for area schoolchildren.

Overheard at TG Con

“Using Market Hub, it took us one week to locate and onboard a new supplier for a six-figure purchase. It was astonishing! It takes on average two to three months, and sometimes it can take up to six months.”

“Don’t worry about the sexy, attractive food issue of the day. It’s still all about FSMA, and whole genome sequencing.”

“There are, on average, 30 required documents per item or ingredient, and most flavor companies purchase anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 items from hundreds of suppliers around the world. They must also manage certifications and many other materials that verify the attributes of their products. It’s staggering how much documentation they need to manage and impossible for them to do it manually. That’s where TraceGains comes in. The system gives people in the flavor business one platform to collaborate with suppliers and to digitally track all information exchange.” 

“The TraceGains community has expanded to a wide variety of CPG industries from dietary supplements, to health and beauty, and more while reaching a critical mass. Now, when a new customer logs into the network, 70% of their suppliers on average are there already, and with the click of a button they can connect and instantly receive necessary documents from a vast supplier document repository.”

“At TGCon, TraceGains Network comes to life with suppliers and customers collaborating to solve real-world supply chain and product development challenges.” 

“TraceGains is coming off a record first quarter with 20 new companies joining the community and the second quarter shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve spent 10 years working with CPG companies to transform the supply chain, and this week, I’m excited to share our vision to help customers transform and accelerate new product development.”

“We reviewed several options, but only TraceGains gives manufacturers and distributors the ability to validate that CBD providers are fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.”

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