TGCon 2019 presentation and panel

TGCon Takes Over Downtown Denver - Day One

Denis Storey
April 25, 2019

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For the sixth year in a row, TraceGains hosted its annual user conference – TGCon 2019 – with a return to its Denver roots.

For only the second time, suppliers showed up, too.

And for the first time, TGCon sold out completely.

It’s an encouraging sign that brand owners, manufacturers, and suppliers unite in the same place. All too often, industry stakeholders struggle to join forces.

Early on at TGCon, it became clear that the TraceGains community doesn’t suffer from the sometimes debilitating economic sibling rivalry that can impact supply chains. That’s not to say there aren’t issues between suppliers and manufacturers, but both parties are committed to working through them.

“The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Plug In. Go Faster.’” TraceGains VP of Marketing Annie Wissner explained. “It highlights how our network accelerates business. When customers log into TraceGains for the first time, on average, nearly three-quarters of their suppliers are already in the network. With the click of a button, they can connect. At TGCon, TraceGains Network comes to life with suppliers and customers collaborating to solve real-world supply chain and product development challenges.” 

Day one began with a bevy of breakout sessions meant to ease attendees into the TraceGains ecosystem, with topics ranging from “Introduction to TraceGains Network” to “Creating Supplier Attributes.”

But the latest ripples from the Beltway always manage to draw a crowd. This year, Boulder, Colorado, attorney, and TraceGains partner Jason Sapsin led our regulatory session – with an eye toward the uncertainties swirling around CBDs and the expanding legalization of hemp. Nevertheless, Sapsin insisted the basics still matter.

“Don’t worry about the sexy, attractive food issue of the day,” Sapsin advised attendees. “It’s still all about FSMA, and whole-genome sequencing.”

The biggest crowd of the day, however, emerged just after lunch, with the famous “Day in the Life” panel discussion, where manufacturers and suppliers took the stage to share best practices on how they work together – and how TraceGains helps them collaborate.

This year also marks the debut of TraceGains Certifications, an expanded training curriculum tailored to job functions, and varying levels of expertise. It’s just another facet of TraceGains’ expansion into additional market segments, such as hemp, health and beauty, and new product development.

The day closed with an awards ceremony to recognize five companies who’ve demonstrated excellent use of TraceGains solutions and leadership in the community. This year, TraceGains acknowledged customers in four categories recognizing each attribute that leads to optimal success:

  • Collaboration Award: KanPak

  • Leadership Award: Sensient Flavors

  • TraceGains Power User Award: John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.

  • TraceGains Network Award Winner No. 1: Grain Millers Inc.

  • TraceGains Network Award Winner No. 2: Packaging Corp. of America

“It’s an honor to recognize the 2019 TGCon award winners and finalists, who represent the best and most engaged members of our community,” TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki said. “These companies are taking the right steps to maximize their investment in TraceGains. Congratulations to each winner and finalist.”

Did You Miss TGCon Live 2020?

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend this year’s event, TGCon Live 2020, or missed a key session. The entire conference available on-demand at no cost here.