New Product Launches Dominate Pandemic Sales

While consumers retreated to the basics during the pandemic – as improved sales of staples such as flour, bread, and sugar can attest – several new products broke through the panic to assert themselves in a chaotic market, including multiple $100...

The New Grocery Retail Reality

As the COVID vaccination rate nears 50% in the United States and the last of the emergency orders have lifted, consumers have returned to something resembling normal.

What COVID-19 Meant for Dietary Supplements

The dietary supplements industry fought for mainstream appeal for years, and the COVID-19 pandemic emerged as the moment that the former niche industry made the leap.

Supplier Scorecarding: What it Means for Your Business

Supplier scorecarding provides valuable insight into the quality and reliability of a supplier and its products.

Pinnacle Foods on Automation in Supply Chain Quality

The senior manager of Food Safety and Quality for Pinnacle Foods Group spoke with SmartBrief, sharing tales from the quality assurance industry and the critical role she plays in it.

Waste Not, Eat Not

Over the next 30 years, the global food supply chain must feed close to 10 billion people. That will be challenging enough on its own, but it becomes nearly impossible without tackling the lingering problem of food waste. Some studies suggest...

Get More From CoAs

Despite a complex supply chain and more sophisticated technology to manage it, food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers spend way too much time on paper Certificates of Analyses (CoAs) — the most reliable way to confirm the integrity...

Meal Kits Fight to Maintain Momentum

The meal kit business survived COVID-19, with over a third of American consumers saying they buy them and have no plans on stopping as life returns to normal. 

Mandatory GMO Labeling: Pros and Cons

Genetically modified (GMO) – or bioengineered (BE) – food labeling remains a hotly debated topic. Admittedly, the facts can be confusing.

Seven Components of a Successful FSVP

Today’s global marketplace – and increasingly complex supply chain – has driven more companies to look abroad for suppliers. And while sourcing internationally comes with a host of challenges, few create as much confusion as FSMA's Foreign...