Get More From CoAs

Despite a complex supply chain and more sophisticated technology to manage it, food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers spend way too much time on paper Certificates of Analyses (CoAs) — the most reliable way to confirm the integrity...

Meal Kits Fight to Maintain Momentum

The meal kit business survived COVID-19, with over a third of American consumers saying they buy them and have no plans on stopping as life returns to normal. 

Mandatory GMO Labeling: Pros and Cons

Genetically modified (GMO) – or bioengineered (BE) – food labeling remains a hotly debated topic. Admittedly, the facts can be confusing.

Seven Components of a Successful FSVP

Today’s global marketplace – and increasingly complex supply chain – has driven more companies to look abroad for suppliers. And while sourcing internationally comes with a host of challenges, few create as much confusion as FSMA's Foreign...

Top Three Tips for Remote or Blended BRCGS Audits

Vaccinations are on the rise, restaurants are opening back up, and mask mandates are lifting. It seems like the world is finally returning to something that resembled the old normal. But for many auditing bodies, remote audits are still available...

Preventive Controls Qualified Individual: The What, Who, Why and How

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Control (HARPC) rule relies heavily upon tasks performed by a “Preventive Controls Qualified Individual” (PCQI).

Top 5 Reasons to Attend NEXT

This year’s annual TraceGains user conference doesn’t just have a new name, NEXT. It features the most robust speaker lineup in the event’s eight-year history.

NEXT Conference Honors the Best of the Industry

TraceGains is getting the CPG industry back together again, including regulators, industry experts, prominent brands, big-name retailers, suppliers, for two days for what we’re calling NEXT. The past year-and-a-half upended the CPG business,...

Our 2020 Recall Review

With 2020 behind us, we can look back and assess the state of recalls for food and beverage. Due to the pandemic, the numbers deviate from prior years but still paint a clear picture of where the industry needs to focus moving forward.  

Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

Every CPG manufacturer follows a basic set of guidelines during the production process. For U.S. food, beverage, and dietary supplements manufacturers, those rules are known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) – or Current Good Manufacturing...