7 Tips for Making the Most of Your SupplySide West Investment

SupplySide West will be even bigger this year because show organizer, Informa Markets, has expanded to include Food ingredients North America (FiNA). Whether you’re an exhibitor or an attendee just walking the show, it can be an overwhelming...

Keeping Dairy Safe

Instances of food contamination and allergic reactions have become all too commonplace at a time when the technology and regulations put in place to prevent them have never been more robust. 

It’s Time to Admit Dairy Faces Disruption

Historically, when disruption threatens an industry, it’s not an ambush. There are always warning signs.

Overheard at the 12th Annual NLS Food Evolution Summit

TraceGains staff attended the 12th annual NLS Food Innovation Summit last week in Indian Wells, California, and returned home with some interesting tidbits.

Dairy Industry Struggles Continue

Dairy, a longtime staple of the country’s ag economy, is an industry struggling to find its way amid a sea of change. This past year didn’t make things any easier.

Identifying ‘Reasonably Foreseeable’ Hazards Just Got Easier

In 2016, I had the chance to take a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual course to familiarize myself with the requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). It was an overwhelming amount of information for this non-scientist to...

Consumers Want New Products Now. Can You Deliver?

Millennials are now the driving influence in today’s marketplace since Baby Boomers started leaving the workforce in droves.

You Can Pay Lip Service or Deliver Real Service

At TraceGains, we know the job isn’t done until our customers have their data. Just selling software doesn’t cut it. And while we have an excellent customer success team, our focus on supplier success is equally intense. Because, if our...

Sustainability Doesn’t Have to be a Pipe Dream

As technology has advanced and populations have expanded, so has the supply chain that produces food, beverages, and ingredients worldwide. That growth has been accelerating exponentially over the last two decades.

Supplements Caught in Trade War Crossfire

After years of silence, tariffs came out of retirement last year when President Trump levied them against trade allies and rivals alike. This year, Trump launched this latest global trade war with 25 percent tariffs on all steel imports and a 10...