Sustainability Doesn’t Have to be a Pipe Dream

As technology has advanced and populations have expanded, so has the supply chain that produces food, beverages, and ingredients worldwide. That growth has been accelerating exponentially over the last two decades.

Supplements Caught in Trade War Crossfire

After years of silence, tariffs came out of retirement last year when President Trump levied them against trade allies and rivals alike. This year, Trump launched this latest global trade war with 25 percent tariffs on all steel imports and a 10...

How to Build a World-Class Audit Program

Food safety isn’t getting any easier. The supply chain is increasingly complex and is growing nearly as much as the consumer base it’s trying to satisfy. And despite regulators’ best efforts, contaminants still slip through the cracks.

Can Brokers Survive the Supply Chain Data Crisis?

Today’s food supply chain is truly a global network. Experts figure that about $14 trillion worth of food makes its way through the chain every year.

Recipes for a Successful PCQI Team

One of the biggest problems that I’m seeing right now is that the actual development of the Food Safety Plan is there but for some reason, the actual team and the execution is weak. I’m not seeing a lot of good cross-functional participation when...

The Future Burns Bright for CBD

For years, hemp and cannabidiol – better known as CBD – remained relegated to the fringes of the CPG market. But they broke into the mainstream in 2018, in a big way, growing into a $390 million market. Industry analysts expect that to continue,...

Five Easy Steps to Innovation

Innovation has always driven growth in the food and beverage business. It can be the foundation of research and development, which gives birth to new products. It can be a dramatic new approach to marketing. Or it can be used to change the...

The First Sold-Out TGCon is in the Books

The sixth annual TGCon wrapped late last week, capping off the annual event’s most successful run yet. TraceGains’ user conference drew a sold-out crowd with hundreds of customers, suppliers, and partners.

Highlights from Day Two of TGCon

As day two dawned on this year’s TGCon, attention turned to the long-burgeoning cannabidiol industry.

Flavor Industry Gathers in Denver to Collaborate on Standards

For thousands of years, spices and herbs have been used to flavor our food. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution, when food was being produced further from urban centers, that the flavors industry began in the United States. Today, the U.S....