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No Manufacturer is an Island

Denis Storey
August 3, 2018

TraceGains Certified Partners: Connecting the global supply chain.

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In addition to revolutionizing information exchange across the supply chain, TraceGains partners with leading consultants, trainers, and technology providers to become a true one-stop resource for our customers. Learn more about our trusted partners network.

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The concept of collaboration is more than just a great business idea or feel-good motivational poster slogan. Strategic business relationships can elevate both partners far beyond what they might have achieved on their own.

That’s something we take to heart at TraceGains – especially when it comes to working with industry experts. That’s why we’ve established the TraceGains Certified Partners program. You have clients who need new ways to manage their food safety processes and transform their documentation systems while accelerating their time to market with new products. TraceGains’ cutting-edge software solution can do all of those things and more.

A great deal of success in the food and consumer packaged goods industry can’t happen without manufacturer transparency and consumer confidence in the quality of the food and beverages that make it into the food supply chain. TraceGains helps provide both of those things. We make it easy and efficient for manufacturers, brokers, and distributors to connect with customers, suppliers, and partners on a global scale.

More than 7,000 companies worldwide already count on TraceGains to share their supply chain documents and data securely – without a burdensome amount of labor. We’ve established an ecosystem of buyers and sellers that’s revolutionizing information exchange across the supply chain.

The many benefits of TraceGains include:

Scalability – We can provide the functionality that more substantial companies demand while remaining fiscally feasible for smaller companies.

Automation – Our solutions gather, manage, and store your supplier data in the cloud rather than in cumbersome spreadsheets or out-dated three-ring binders.

Deep Insights – We offer a single source for the truth about supplier and ingredient performance with automatic scorecarding, material trends and variation, and more.

Global Reach – TraceGains can help you locate documents and data where it matters most – across a worldwide footprint with users in over 100 countries and translated into eight languages.

Ecosystem – We also help streamline your communications with vendors and customers, connecting more than 30,000 sites with more than 1 million discoverable supplier documents.

Industry Standard – More than a third of the top 100 food companies in the United States are already part of the TraceGains Network.

Nancy Scharlach, president and chief technical officer of FSMA International, has been a TraceGains Certified Partner for more than three years. She’s an experienced trainer who’s spent years developing, monitoring, and evaluating food safety systems.

“I go into facilities, and they often don’t have any of the necessary documentation or programs in place, and we have start from scratch,” Scharlach explains. “It’s hard to believe this is still happening, but it is. I realized my clients could benefit from TraceGains because it helps streamline and automate record-keeping and provides deep insights into quality and compliance issues throughout their supply chain. I think of TraceGains as my ‘leave-behind technology.’ I can get clients up and running with proper systems and documentation, but they need TraceGains to keep the record-keeping current and continually monitor suppliers. 

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

That’s precisely why TraceGains is eager to work with experts in the business – because there’s still so much to do.

Discover how your business can join TraceGains to become a true one-stop resource for our customers. Learn more about TraceGains Certified Partners.