July Update Brings the Fireworks

Posted by TraceGains on August 9, 2018 at 3:20 PM

TraceGains Release Update

It can be hard to stay up-to-date on new features, even with a trusted software solution you live in every day. TraceGains is hoping to make it easier on you – each month, starting today, we’ll highlight the new features available on TraceGains and point you to where you can find more information.Without further ado, let’s dive into July 2018’s release notes:

Supplier Management - Sunset for TraceGains Standard ActionForms™

In March, TraceGains announced that Standard ActionForms™ will no longer be available to attach to outbound emails. Instead, we’ve replaced them with TraceGains Standard Online Forms. This is part of a larger mission to sunset email auto-streaming of Supplier Management Standard Documents.

Supplier Management - New Sustainability Online Form

A new sustainability form is available online that allows customers to assess their suppliers to make sure the product they’re sourcing matches not only to safety and quality specifications, but ethical and sustainable standards. TraceGains developed these advanced capabilities with industry leaders who serve on the Customer Advisory Group. Input came from 15 thought leaders representing Riverbend Foods, Saputo, Amy’s Kitchen, Leprino Foods, Bellisio Foods, Topco, TreeHouse Foods, Gonnella, Symrise, JM Swank, Reily Foods Co., Excellentia International, and Bimbo Bakeries USA

Supplier Management - Configurable Dashboards

New and improved configurable dashboards are now available! Get a deeper look into details that matter most to you.

Customer Management - Comment on Location and Item Connection Rejections

For whatever reasons, you might not want to accept a connection request for your customer for a location or item. In addition to rejecting the request, now you can also provide a reason. This new feature will improve communication and eliminate misunderstandings.

Quality Management - Training Acknowledgment by Employee

When an employee has completed a form, in today's world, they would have to send an email, or you have to follow-up manually with each of them. Now you can create a Training Acknowledgement Form, which you can provide to employees via email. 

Are you a TraceGains user and want a deeper dive into these new features and capabilities? Read the full release notes, or watch our July Feature Enhancement video.

Not a TraceGains user, but are intrigued by some of these functions? We don’t blame you, they’re pretty sweet – request a demo today: https://www.tracegains.com/demo-request.