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Healthnotes, TraceGains are Changing the Game

Rachel Jones
September 25, 2018

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At first glance, the dietary supplements business couldn’t be more different than the food and beverage industry. Both have unique brands and regulatory frameworks to navigate.

With that said, the industries share similar supply chains that include many of the same stakeholders, consumer calls for transparency, and obstacles in bringing new products to market.

That’s why it made so much sense for TraceGains, the leader in food safety, quality, and compliance management software in the food and beverage space to acquire Healthnotes in July 2018.

When TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki first spoke with Healthnotes CEO Skye Lininger, they realized that while the industries might be different, the two companies are trying to accomplish the same thing. An advanced network platform where manufacturers and suppliers collaborate to speed along new product development (NPD) while simplifying the management of complex regulatory and quality issues. They decided to join forces.

Supplements customers, their suppliers, and ultimately retailers can now benefit from a new combined network. TraceGains Network can help power a push toward new products and functionality that extends well beyond Healthnotes’ quality control and regulatory solutions to help our customers with the challenges they face in procurement, R&D, and NPD.

For more than 20 years, retailers have been taking advantage of the Healthnotes ingredient database to help their customers make better decisions. With TraceGains, there are tremendous opportunities to rapidly expand the ingredient and regulatory databases to support the food industry’s needs, especially in the natural food space, where new products, novel ingredients, and claims like “organic” and “non-GMO” need additional compliance support.

Food manufacturers have recognized a profound shift in consumer demand, with new non-GMO product launches estimated to be about 2,000 per year, up from just a few hundred a decade ago. New organic claims have seen a similar arc, doubling in that same time frame.

At TraceGains, we recognize these trends in the marketplace and embrace the opportunity to serve both industries. With TraceGains, you can digitize everything from specifications to certifications to allergen forms. Then use the data to power configurable dashboards and reports to determine compliance against label claims, nutrition targets, thresholds, and country of origin. With access to your supply chain data, your organization can reduce regulatory risk, respond to new business opportunities quickly, and outpace the competition.

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