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Easing Compliance with GFSI Scheme FSSC 22000

Helen Timothy
June 1, 2021

Checklist: “GFSI Compliance: Getting Started With FSSC 22000

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Checklist: “GFSI Compliance: Getting Started With FSSC 22000”

FSSC 22000 is the world's leading, independently managed, nonprofit food certification scheme for ISO 22000-based certification of food safety management systems. Our checklist helps guide companies through the first steps.

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Becoming certified with a GFSI scheme is an impressive accomplishment for any company, the amount of effort that goes into achieving compliance is staggering. Gathering the required documentation alone can be a daunting task. 
If your company is like a lot of food manufacturing companies out there, you probably store all documentation in filing cabinets or a shared drive. Static systems make it near impossible to search for, analyze, and maintain required information for continued auditing against your GFSI scheme.

One of the leading GFSI schemes is FSSC 22000. Jiffy Mix (Chelsea Milling Co.) Quality Assurance Director Bill Besson shares how TraceGains eased compliance with FSSC 22000. 

Examples of Requirements for FSSC 22000

  • Incoming materials shall be inspected, tested, or covered by CoA

  • Delivery vehicles shall be checked to verify that quality and safety of the material has been maintained

  • Assess and monitor supplier performance

Challenges in Certifying to FSSC 22000

  • Manually intensive and error-prone process to check supplier-provided data (each attribute for each ingredient lot on each incoming shipment) against ingredient specifications. Besson adds that they had a person down at receiving checking CoAs to make sure the lot was in spec. “I’ve been to companies where they pay a person to sit in a room, and all they do all day long is check CoAs and file if it’s correct,” Besson said.

  • There can be a myriad of supplier-provided CoA formats (PDF, Excel, Word, faxes, etc.) from different vendors.

  • Manual records make for an intensive process to retrieve documents and data, collect up-to-date supplier information, and to assess suppliers’ ability to meet compliance requirements.

Automating FSSC 22000 Tasks with TraceGains

  • The system runs 24/7, automatically checking CoAs as soon as suppliers submit them. Whether a CoA comes in at noon or midnight, it doesn’t matter. It’s checked.

  • TraceGains automatically checks all CoAs for compliance and specifications.

  • Loads are not accepted unless you have received a CoA and the system checks it.

  • Effortlessly lookup past CoA data and truck inspections. Instead of sifting through filing cabinets for specific documents, search the system by lot or shipment numbers to find what you’re looking for easily.

  • Automatic notifications are sent to suppliers requesting updated critical documents before expiration, ensuring you are always up-to-date.

Getting started with FSSC 22000? Download our checklist, “GFSI Compliance: Getting Started With FSSC 22000” here.