Bellisio Foods Invests in Quality to Beat Expectations

Posted by Denis Storey on May 21, 2020 at 2:21 PM

Bellisio Foods Invests in Quality to Beat ExpectationsFood companies are in a constant struggle to produce a safe, quality product while navigating a regulatory minefield. What’s worse, many companies try to do so without taking advantage of the latest technology available to them. Imagine taking a cross-country road trip with an outdated, crumpled map rather than using the latest GPS technology.

Most companies track their plant floor data on paper forms, which invariably end up in a random three-ring binder that then gets shelved away somewhere. That data doesn’t benefit anyone at that point, since it can’t be analyzed to provide better insight into emerging trends or problems – such as equipment issues, downtime, or product defects, plaguing the production process. If something’s missed – and something’s always missed, it can cause expensive problems once production has begun.

The executives at Bellisio Foods sought out TraceGains because they were struggling with these same problems. They investigated a variety of ERP solutions, but they couldn’t adequately address the challenges they faced.

Paper forms weighed down their production line, perpetuating inaccurate data capture, while unreliable resource planning led to operational inefficiencies, and a lack of procedural governance threatened their overall quality standards.

TraceGains helped transform their plant floor operations, replacing paper forms with standards-based electronic ones, empowering shop-floor resources with training programs and automated checklists, and delivering dynamic dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute reporting on the status of employees, process, and quality production measures.

Bellisio’s shop floor employees operate a massive 1 million-square-foot manufacturing facility and maintain 20 production lines, often running on two, and sometimes even three, shifts. As a result, employees struggled to collect and manage shop-floor data, maintain standard operating procedures, and respond to changes in their production environment on a daily basis.

A Simple, Single Solution

Bellisio’s solution was to authorize their shop floor employees with process automation, education, and real-time insight with Quality Management.

With so many production lines in operation at the same time, there was a tremendous amount of data to collect. Unfortunately, Bellisio employees were drowning in paper forms.

“What would normally be hours of copying paper and creating paperwork for the following day now only takes about 15 minutes using TraceGains,” Belliso Foods QMS Supervisor Matthew Leach explained. “There’s no time wasted searching for information or documents as you have access to all of it while remaining at your desk.”

With Quality Management, paper forms are digitized, and new FSMA and GFSI- standard electronic forms align perfectly with Bellisio’s standard operating procedures. With a new automated system, all of Bellisio’s data is captured in a single location, and dynamic dashboards provide teams with immediate insight into what’s happening on the plant floor at any given moment.

You can find out more information about how TraceGains helped Bellisio Foods streamlined their operations while improving visibility into plant operations by checking out their case study here.

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