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Marc Simony
Marc Simony is head of product strategy at TraceGains.
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You Can Pay Lip Service or Deliver Real Service

At TraceGains, we know the job isn’t done until our customers have their data. Just selling software doesn’t cut it. And while we have an excellent customer success team, our focus on supplier success is equally intense. Because if our customers’...

Who Owns the Supply Chain?

We all know that the supply chain doesn’t write checks, isn’t a chain, and is riddled with risks. Few, however, know that food makes up the most significant portion of the CPG supply chain. So, this unruly beast is vast. It’s global and speaks...

The New Gold Standard for Collaboration

The food, beverage, and supplements industries face a host of new challenges as they struggle to stay competitive in increasingly crowded markets.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain

Editor’s note: This is the second in a pair of blog posts where TraceGains Head of Product Strategy Marc Simony discusses blockchain and what the technology might mean for the food supply chain. If you missed the first part, you could check it...

In Praise of Blockchain. Mostly.

Editor’s note: In the first of a pair of blog posts, TraceGains Head of Product Strategy Marc Simony tackles blockchain and what the technology might mean for the food supply chain.

Coffee Talk: A Framework For Animal Welfare Certification Programs

With growing consumer demand for food products sourced from suppliers with improved animal welfare practices, some companies have stepped up to the plate to fill this niche.

Coffee Talk: Hazard vs. Risk

TraceGains sat down with Jennifer McEntire, VP Food Safety and Technology at United Fresh Produce Association, to discuss the difference between hazards and risks.

Topco Associates on Global Food Safety and Quality

Traveling around the world has given Howard Popoola an appreciation for the food supply chain’s quality and safety in the United States.