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Helen Timothy
Helen Timothy is the digital and social marketing manager at TraceGains.
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Nine Best Practices to Managing Global Suppliers

When it comes to managing a global supply chain, things can get complicated – fast. Managing supplier information, which can be inconsistent or non-existent, is a cumbersome and challenging task. But there are steps companies can take to ease the...

Top 5 Reasons Companies Fail Audits and How to Avoid Them

To paraphrase an old axiom: If passing audits were easy, everybody would do it.

Behind the Scenes as a Food Safety Auditor

TraceGains has proudly partnered with Nancy Scharlach, President and Chief Technical Director for FSMA International for over five years. Nancy is a Lead Instructor for FSMA Rule Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) and FSPCA Preventive...

Tips on Quality and Diversity from the World’s Largest Baking Company

Former Vice President of Operations for Grupo Bimbo Alejandro Cebado spoke with SmartBrief about his previous role and advice for young quality professionals.

Pinnacle Foods on Automation in Supply Chain Quality

The senior manager of Food Safety and Quality for Pinnacle Foods Group spoke with SmartBrief, sharing tales from the quality assurance industry and the critical role she plays in it.

Top Three Tips for Remote or Blended BRCGS Audits

Vaccinations are on the rise, restaurants are opening back up, and mask mandates are lifting. It seems like the world is finally returning to something that resembled the old normal. But for many auditing bodies, remote audits are still available...

Easing Compliance with GFSI Scheme FSSC 22000

Becoming certified with a GFSI scheme is an impressive accomplishment for any company, the amount of effort that goes into achieving compliance is staggering. Gathering the required documentation alone can be a daunting task. 

The Real Cost of Manual Document Management

Most leaders in the food, beverage, and supplements industries understand that failing an audit is costly and that being non-compliant exposes customers and the business to risk.

Social Responsibility in a Constantly Evolving World

Today’s consumers are more discerning than ever before. They have high expectations for the quality of their products and equally high expectations for the companies they support. Companies must be responsible global citizens if they want to hold on...

Top Food and Beverage Blogs to Follow

Your job demands you stay on top of the latest news and best practices. Evolving regulations, shifting supply chains, and changing consumer preferences make it hard to keep up while staying on track with work. We've compiled a list of the top five...