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Dietary Supplement Regulatory Updates Amid COVID-19

Since March, almost every news story has been about the global pandemic. Whether it’s the impact on the economy, the latest number of cases, or predictions about what's coming next, it's impossible to escape this crisis.

Bellisio Foods Invests in Quality to Beat Expectations

Food companies are in a constant struggle to produce a safe, quality product while navigating a regulatory minefield. What’s worse, many companies try to do so without taking advantage of the latest technology available to them. Imagine taking a...

TraceGains Names 2020 Community Award Winners

In advance of TGCon Live 2020, an interactive, online user conference, TraceGains has announced winners of the 2020 TraceGains Community Awards, which recognize customers and suppliers who drive innovation with TraceGains solutions.

Private Label Brands Have Their Moment

Before a pandemic upended economies around the world, private label brands had already arrived. A 2019 IRI Consumer Connect Survey found that “private brand dollar sales grew 3.8% in 2019, twice the rate of national brands.”

Virtual Audits Are Weapon of Choice Against Food Fraud

Our world has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Which begs the question: where should food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies focus their resources while navigating these challenging times?

Barb Stuckey to Headline TGCon Live 2020

This past year was a big one for the food and beverage industry. Sales surged past $7.8 billion in 2019, representing a nearly 4% increase from the year before. While that might seem modest, food and beverage sales emerged as the fastest-growing...

COVID-19 Sends Mixed Economic Messages

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep everyone at home, its damage to the economy has been nothing short of devastating. The statistics almost defy belief.

What COVID-19 Means for Dietary Supplements

Years from now, historians, economists, and even consumers will look back at the spring and early summer of 2020 with a mixture of amazement and dread. The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the economy has been devastating for most, but a boon to...

5 Ways Life Will Be Different After COVID-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic has altered our lives in ways big and small: millions lost their jobs overnight. Many lucky enough to keep their jobs have been forced to work from home, while trying to educate their kids at the same time. Trips to...

Mandatory GMO Labeling: Pros and Cons

Genetically modified food (GMO) – or bioengineered (B.E.) – labeling is a hotly debated topic.