Will You Be Attending the North American Food Safety and Quality 2017 Conference?

Posted by TraceGains on May 1, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Will You Be Attending North American Food Safety and Quality 2017 Conference?

The food industry is expected to deliver food to the public that is free from any amount of Salmonella or Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. The fact that these pathogens are naturally found in the environment and are potentially present in all raw animal or plant agricultural produce, make this expectation a tall order to meet. Based on recent outbreaks and subsequent recalls, applying HACCP alone is not sufficient for meeting this challenge.

One rational for attending the North American Food Safety and Quality Conference is to discuss a comprehensive approach including identifying and controlling relevant CCPs while managing those PRPs critical in preventing post-lethal recontamination. Leaders and presenters will discuss the value of sampling products and the environment for presence of pathogenic enteric bacteria.

While no food safety and/or quality professional can attend all industry conferences and events, each has its own merit and value, and one must choose which will generate the most impact when returning to the plant floor.

Important criteria to make attendance decisions includes the caliber of the speakers.  At the upcoming North American Food Safety & Quality 2017 event (June 6 -7, 2017 in Chicago), some of the most important industry leaders will be presenting.

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is rarely discussed at food safety conferences, however this year, as sales have stagnated or declined in the last few years, cost-cutting has been a focus of efforts by many major food and beverage manufacturers. 

The new IIoT technologies are enabling manufacturers to reduce waste and optimize operations by tracking supply ingredients and raw materials. IIoT allows manufacturers to be alerted when upgrades are required or when equipment malfunctions occur. The sooner issues can be known, food manufacturers can prevent or alleviate the consequences of a production shutdown.

The topics these industry leaders will discuss include the integration of food safety systems, FSMA review, regulatory compliance, as well as leadership tools and skill sets.  Additional themes will include supply chain management, risk management, and collaborative QA/QC.

The superstar speakers at North American Food Safety and Quality 2017 (NAFS17) include:

  • Roger Lawrence, Corporate VP Global Quality & Regulatory at McCormick & Company
  • Leonard Heflich, VP Food Safety, Quality and Crisis Management (Retired) at Grupo Bimbo
  • Lee Perry, VP Quality Management and Food Safety at Archer Daniels Midland
  • Evan Rosen, Vice President Food Safety and Quality Assurance at PacMoore Products, Inc.

These illustrious speakers represented at NAFS17 are all from companies utilizing TraceGains, a proud conference sponsor of the event.  TraceGains will be exhibiting at Booth #xxx.  Register to attend at: https://foodsafetyna.com/signup/ 

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