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Traditional Document Management Systems vs. TraceGains

Denis Storey
June 23, 2015

TraceGains Supplier Management: Automate and digitize your supplier and sourcing programs for real-time insight and easy audits.

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Manage Suppliers and Sourcing Like a Pro

For many companies, finding, qualifying, and managing suppliers, items, and ingredients are manual and disjointed processes. Documents are filed away, and the data they contain can’t be used for insight or easily accessed for an audit. TraceGains Supplier Management can help by digitizing and automating your supplier and sourcing programs.

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With the ever-changing landscape of the food supply chain, the documentation required to stay in compliance and prepare for audits can be overwhelming.

Rather than focusing on supplier performance, you drown in documents and feel locked in spreadsheets' cells. Does this sound familiar? Fortunately, there's a better way.

Think Outside the Spreadsheets

Thinking outside the spreadsheets means you can say goodbye to the days of searching through static documents to find answers to audit questions or to establish proof of compliance. No more time spent manually entering data into shared drives or spreadsheets or worrying about which suppliers are putting your customers and business at risk. TraceGains gives you an automated, digital workflow for supplier and document management connected to the most popular food, beverage, and supplements network to drive instant supply chain collaboration.

TraceGains Supplier Management accelerates the supplier selection, qualification, and onboarding process by digitally tracking supplier documents and information exchange, turning it all into digital records, and organizing it into configurable dashboards. You can create dashboards based on various criteria, like supplier performance, allergens, organic, country of origin, and many others. Supplier Management also automatically alerts suppliers when documents are missing, incomplete, or about to expire, so you have the reassurance of knowing everything is up to date.

Through TraceGains Network, connecting with suppliers is as easy as adding a friend on a social network, and once connected, you can instantly receive necessary documents and information. On average, companies find that 80% of their suppliers are already on TraceGains Network, allowing them to connect and immediately begin collaborating. Now, Supplier Management users also have access to Market Hub, a robust sourcing directory for items, packaging, service providers, and more for no additional cost.

Find out how Supplier Management – with Market Hub – can transform the way you do business today.