Coffee Talk with Dean Dowd, TraceGains Senior UX Designer

This is a pivotal time for TraceGains, and we’ve got some big things in store for later this year. So as we gear up for these changes, we thought it would help if we brought you behind the curtain to show you what we do, what we’re thinking, and –...

Media Reports Highlight FDA Failures

In April, a pair of media outlets – Politico and CBS News – published features critical of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its “food failures.”

The Supply Chain Won’t Survive Without Sustainability

Even before 2020-21 upended the food and beverage market, most brand owners had already recognized the writing on the wall regarding sustainability. But companies must battle conflicting currents when navigating these choppy waters.

Supply Chain Disruptions Plague the EU, UK Markets

As the world’s economies crawl out from under the shadow of the pandemic, no country – or region – has been able to escape supply chain issues, inflationary pressure, and the repercussions of geological conflict.

The US, EU Revive Shellfish Trade

After more than a decade adrift, the United States and the European Union wrapped up talks in February for the “resumption of bilateral trade in bivalve molluscan shellfish.”

New FDA Commissioner Hits the Ground Running

It didn’t take the new U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner – returning chief Dr. Robert Califf – long to make his presence felt.

Which Food and Beverage Companies Have Pulled Out of Russia?

The international response to Russia’s unprovoked assault on Ukraine has been swift and severe. More than 30 countries – representing more than half the global economy – have imposed sanctions. And these governments have gone far beyond the...

Market Sends Mixed Messages About Alternative Proteins

Conventional wisdom insists that consumers desperately want alternative meat products.

Nine Best Practices to Managing Global Suppliers

When it comes to managing a global supply chain, things can get complicated – fast. Managing supplier information, which can be inconsistent or non-existent, is a cumbersome and challenging task. But there are steps companies can take to ease the...

Look for TraceGains at Expo West

As much as we’re all thrilled to be getting back to something resembling normal – as evidenced by our triumphant return to Expo West – it’s clear we still face a host of challenges.