BRC Issue 8 is Here

Food safety is never static. It’s not like achieving some specific milestone, such as crossing the finish line of a marathon. It takes commitment to continuous improvement, a culture of food safety, and everyone in the food supply chain...

July Update Brings the Fireworks

It can be hard to stay up-to-date on new features, even with a trusted software solution you live in every day. TraceGains is hoping to make it easier on you – each month, starting today, we’ll highlight the new features available on TraceGains...

Tariffs Threaten Food Supply Chain

Tariffs are suddenly all the rage. You can hardly make it through a single news cycle without hearing about them. Just this week, China announced a new round of 25 percent tariffs on U.S. goods worth about $16 billion. 

No Manufacturer is an Island

The concept of collaboration is more than just a great business idea or feel-good motivational poster slogan. Strategic business relationships can help elevate both partners far beyond what they might have been able achieve on their own.

Organic Food Industry Pushes Back on Regulatory Rollback

The organic food segment finds itself at a tipping point in the United States.

On the one hand, it’s more popular than ever – and there are no signs that it will fade anytime soon.

Brokers, Distributors Eliminate Document Hassles with TraceGains PassThru


There’s no other industry in today’s economy structured quite like the food business. For a lot of manufacturers, it can be difficult to secure ingredients – or any other supplies – because of a lack of buying power – whether it’s based on...

Keeping Dairy Safe

Stories of food contamination and allergic reactions have become all too commonplace at a time when the technology and regulations in place to prevent them have never been better. 

The Power -- and Problems -- of Organic Shows in Survey

For years, people treated the organic food craze as just that – a passing fad consumers would probably grow out of. Besides, the higher costs would always outweigh any potential benefit. 

Data Kinks in the Supply Chain

From antibiotics to television to the Internet, technology has worked wonders when it comes to making our lives easier, richer, and longer. But there’s always a price. It can take the form of harmful side effects, infomercials, or pop-up ads.

Prop. 65 Expansion Deadline Looms

California’s known for a lot of things, such as actors, almonds, and activism. Those advocacy efforts often take the form of ballot initiatives, such as Proposition 65. 


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