Audits Are Complex, Cumbersome, and Expensive

Food, beverage, and supplement companies have unique challenges:

  • Audits are crucial to ensuring compliance and managing risk, but the number and types of audits have increased dramatically due to changing regulatory and voluntary standards
  • Scheduling and managing audit teams is deceptively complex because the criteria and frequency of audits vary widely, and assignments need to match the auditor’s qualifications
  • Conducting audits with outdated tools such as email, spreadsheets, and paper-based forms and checklists is time-consuming and inefficient
  • Performing paper-based or only partly electronic audits can lead to data entry errors and there is lag time in updating audit records
  • When audits are completed, they are filed away, and the data can’t be mined for business insights such as risk profiling, trending, training, performance reviews, and other analysis
  • As supply chains become increasingly global, performing audits internationally requires significant communication and collaboration

Audit Management Can Fix It

TraceGains Audit Management automates and streamlines the entire audit process. Teams can schedule, conduct, and track audits on a single platform using a desktop or mobile device. Users can customize their own audit checklists or use pre-loaded templates. Notifications, workflows, and task assignments help track the progress of audit teams, and real-time reporting flags key findings and corrective actions.

Leveraging supply chain information already collected in TraceGains Network from 7,000 suppliers in 17,000 locations, auditors can quickly identify and prioritize suppliers with the highest risk and preview key documents like previous audits and corrective actions. With all information centralized on a single platform, manufacturers have a 360-degree view of the health and risk of their supply chain.

Experience the Power of TraceGains Audit Management

Eliminate Paper Audits

    • Choose to conduct audits with a desktop or mobile device online or use remote data collection that syncs with the system later
    • Easily capture photos and other observations

Pre-Audit Records Access

      • Cloud-based visibility empowers detailed pre-audit review of key documents like previous audits and corrective actions
      • Auditors plan more effectively because they are better informed before going on site

Automated Workflows

      • Schedule and conduct internal audits and review schedule for external audits on a single platform
      • Easily assign tasks, track progress, and oversee the entire audit process
      • Quickly and easily initiate CARs and SCARs

Pre-Loaded and Custom Templates

      • Conduct audits of any kind, including GFSI, FSMA, cGMP, HACCP, and brand standards
      • Use pre-loaded templates or customize and standardize them across your entire operation

Global Reach for Foreign Facilities

      • Simplify collaboration with foreign facilities for scheduling, corrective actions, and audit reports
      • Geo-location capability helps group overseas audits together to reduce travel and expenses

Ensure Compliance

      • Ensure programs are followed and documented to meet the specific requirements of the FDA, USDA, GFSI, brands, and internal standards
      • Easily monitor facility and supplier performance with trend analysis, reporting, and scorecards
      • Compare multiple facilities to inform risk management decisions
      • Use findings and metrics to identify training opportunities

Connected Systems

    • Pair Audit Management with TraceGains other solutions to maintain complete supplier and quality records in one place, or it can operate as a stand-alone solution
    • Easily exchange information with supply chain partners using TraceGains Network

View the status of all internal and external audits in one place including schedules, findings, and next steps.