AISLE7 Delivers the DSHEA-Compliant, Authoritative Health Content Retailers Need

Retailers are in a prime position to offer educational materials to help customers make informed dietary supplement decisions. However, laws like DSHEA limit the type of dietary supplement information retailers can legally share. That is where AISLE7 products come in. AISLE7 gives retailers access to extensive DSHEA-compliant, referenced, peer-reviewed, science-based content and decision tools created by a team of experts.

Aisle7 supports DSHEA because:

  • It's not false or misleading.
  • It doesn’t promote a particular brand or manufacturer.
  • It's balanced (meaning it presents the pros and cons and the state of the science).
  • It's kept physically separate from the product.
  • It uses official abstracts of single studies, or summarizes a group of studies.

Discover how Aisle7 products ensure DSHEA compliance and why that matters to  retailers.


Streamlined Digital Search and Qualification of Suppliers


Raw Material Document Management With Robust Audit Trails


Proprietary Database to Support Formulation and Substantiation

AISLE7 In-Store

Empower staff with relevant information about supplements, ingredients, and health concerns so they can provide a high degree of service at the point of sale.

  • Search: Access the most comprehensive supplement database available.
  • Newswire: Read concise news to stay up-to-date on the research and trends customers care about.
  • Common Questions: Discover trustworthy answers to customers’ FAQs.
  • Training: On-board new staff with ease and comfortability.

AISLE7 Online and Mobile

Leverage the AISLE7 content archive and position yourself as a category expert for digital marketing initiatives.

  • Health Concerns: Search our library of referenced articles on most health concerns.
  • Supplements, Herbs, and Ingredients: Delve into our encyclopedia of the most popular ingredients with uses, dosages, and safety cautions.
  • Newswire: Read fresh and topical news.
  • Responsive Design: Integrate our tools into your website design and presentation.
  • Content Explorer: Grab relevant content for marketing campaigns.

AISLE7 Decision Tools

Drive customer engagement and increase sales in-store and online with the AISLE7 Vitamin Advisor and the AISLE7 Interactions Checker.

  • AISLE7 Vitamin Advisor: Increase purchases by providing customers with instant, personalized product recommendations based on their answers to a short online questionnaire.
  • AISLE7 Interactions Checker: Provide customers with science-based, pharmacist-reviewed drug, nutrient, and food interactions that enhance buyer confidence.

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