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We're transforming the supply chain.

Our team is on a mission to promote transparency, collaboration, and quality in the food system. Our solutions are transforming the supply chain, elevating the food and beverage industry to a new level of efficiency, safety, and quality.

Transparency You Can See

Take Control of Your Data with TraceGains

We are TraceGains, the leader in food safety, quality and compliance management software for food and beverage companies.

That means we know manufacturing, supplies, software, food and beverage, and all the alphabet soup that comes along with it. Over the years, we've developed the most innovative software in food safety, regulatory compliance, and document management.

Through our solutions, which promote management of and transparency within the supply chain, we've found a way to keep auditors happy, optimize operations and increase your bottom line.

Initiate Innovation

Reduce Risk
and Save Money

TraceGains enables you to stay vigilant and efficient; our solutions detect and alert you to issues before they become costly downstream problems.

Get Proactive

Integrates with
Your Existing Tools

Each TraceGains software solution can function independently as a standalone solution or can integrate with the in-house solutions you currently use.

Get Integrated

Operational Efficiency

TraceGains helps you gain operational efficiencies by automating the retrieval, receipt, and analysis of documentation.

Get Efficient

Experience the TraceGains Difference

With the support of our innovative software solutions, your food and beverage company will:

Save Time with

TraceGains automates your business interactions to save you time and money. Our software automatically extracts critical information and initiates automatic alerts and corrective action requests based on your business requirements.

Always Be
365 Audit ReadyTM

With TraceGains, you can quickly and easily please auditors checking for compliance. Our software allows you to seamlessly organize and manage all of your supplier and item-level documentation.

Get Organized with
Automatic Document

TraceGains’ automation processes guarantee you won’t have to waste time gathering documentation for things like annual audits, FDA facility registration numbers, or C-TPAT.

Stress less knowing that all required documents are on-file, organized, easy to access, and compliant with your business requirements.

Problem Solve

The TraceGains system keeps your processes running even if a non-conformance should arise.

Our software will automatically generate and send a supplier corrective action request (SCAR), which specifies the problems detected and highlights the necessary corrective actions to be taken. SCAR automation speeds conflict resolution, allowing all parties involved to return to normal business as quickly as possible, minimizing disruptions and business impact.

Hold Supplier
Accountable with
Supplier Scorecarding

TraceGains enables you to finally go beyond the typical evaluation criteria; you can scorecard supplier performance based on your unique product and ingredient specifications.

Our Supplier Compliance Software provides you with peace of mind, as you can feel confident that you’re choosing the right suppliers for the right ingredients.

Keep Teams
In-the-Know with

TraceGains’ eNotifications do the work for you.

Our system allows you to configure automatic, electronic notifications for any event relating to supplier data and performance. These are fully customizable and can be configured and sent to any stakeholder, internal personnel, external partners, or both.

Control Quality
Specifications Publishing

TraceGains’ specifications management lets you push out your own specifications to suppliers on a per-item level.

Eliminate any ambiguity in your specifications so your suppliers can confidently review and meet your product and ingredient performance needs, including physical, chemical, packaging, and other attributes.

Conquer Regulatory

Save time and avoid fines with the TraceGains solution. Our software reduces instances of non-compliance and keeps your company audit-ready.

With only a few clicks of your mouse, your team can gather all supporting documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance with industry agencies.

Easily Access
a Dynamic System

TraceGains' software provides you with a centralized way to access all your food safety plans, workflows, stand operating procedures and more.

Unlike static document management systems, TraceGains automates the management of all critical control points (CCP) and prerequisite programs (PRP) reducing risk of error.


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“Global access to the information by all of the members of our company who have a need to see it, use it, review it, or rate suppliers, including our procurement group.”
“How do you manage 70,000 specifications? How do you make sure that, when an ingredient changes at a supplier level, you are able to track that?”
“My responsibility is to find the best practices and roll them out across the organization. TraceGains is one of the elements we used to integrate the company.”