Automate. Innovate. Streamline. Empower.TraceGains' 365 Audit Ready Solution

    Key Features


    Automation: Supplier, Quality, Regulatory Compliance

    TraceGains automatically analyzes supplier-provided and internal documents, extracting critical information and initiating automatic alerts and corrective action requests based on your business requirements. You can always be sure the companies you do business with and every shipment they send you are compliant. Likewise for internal quality control and processes. The results? People are freed from clerical tasks and paperwork and can focus on value-add results.

    365 Audit Readiness

    TraceGains customers frequently report that auditors are “delighted” that documents can be retrieved with a few clicks of the mouse. Whether driven by GFSI (BRC, SQF, etc.), regulations such as Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), or key customers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Yum! Brands, having both source documents and an instantly searchable database available 24x7 reduces the amount of time you need to prepare for an audit, and speeds and simplifies the actual audit event.

    TraceGains 365 Audit Ready™ reports and other automated tools allow faster preparations if you need to audit your suppliers or if you are about to be audited.

    Supplier Scorecarding

    Knowing how your suppliers and their lot shipments perform is critical for operations planning, cost and risk control, and insight and oversight. TraceGains enables you to finally go beyond the typical evaluation criteria — cost and on-time delivery — and lets you scorecard supplier performance by details such as compliance to your item specifications, issues at receiving, quality and sample test results, and even supplier-caused problems on the plant floor.

    Corrective Action

    In case of a non-conformance of any nature, the system can automatically generate and send a supplier corrective action request (SCAR), which specifies the problem(s) detected, and highlights the necessary corrective actions to be taken. Suppliers complete the corrective action form and submit the document back. SCAR automation speeds conflict resolution, allowing all parties involved to return to normal business as quickly as possible, minimizing disruptions and business impact. 

    Automatic Document Management

    As detailed in our comparison vs. traditional document management systems, TraceGains doesn’t just file away the digital version of a paper document, the system extracts the relevant data off these documents to help you make better business decisions based on data. You can throw away your spreadsheets or other tools that track which documents are missing, expired, soon-to-expire, etc., because TraceGains continuously monitors each and every supplier and document. Additionally, the system stores all original documents and makes them instantly available for you, an auditor, or anyone who needs to review back to the source. TraceGains eliminates the need for 3-ring binders, filing cabinets, and electronic folders / sub-folders / sub-sub-folders. You can focus on the critical work you were trained for.


    eNotifications do the work for you. Any non-compliance detected by TraceGains can automatically generate an email to all stakeholders, inside and/or outside your company, and based entirely on your unique business requirements.

    Specifications Publishing

    Specifications management lets you push out your own specifications to suppliers on a per-item level. All specification ambiguity is finally removed, and your suppliers can now confidently review and meet your product and ingredient performance needs, including physical, chemical, packaging, and other attributes.

    Automatically Respond to Your Customer's Needs for Documents and Information

    If you function as a distributor for certain products or if your products are used by downstream customers in their manufacturing process, you likely receive a lot of requests for documents. TraceGains not only makes it easy to collect and store documents and data, we also automate the process of sending documents out based on customer requests and needs. TraceGains can even generate Finished Goods Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) and distribute them to customers with a few clicks of the mouse.

    Out-of-the-Box Food and Beverage Dashboards and Reports

    Allergen analysis, Country of Origin, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Kosher, and many more requirements for food and beverage companies are all standard and immediately usable by you. Need to search, sort, filter, and analyze quickly? There’s probably a standard TraceGains report at your fingertips.

    Product Development Assist

    Product Development Assist ties together multiple data points and history into a single view that lets you source ingredients with exacting performance and compliance criteria. Whether you need to develop a new product, or renovate an existing one, you no longer need to hunt through multiple data silos, send email inquiries, or make phone calls. Quickly find the suppliers that best meet all your compliance criteria, and get new products to market faster.

    Historical Trending and Analysis

    TraceGains automatically builds history and trend reports, showing you long-term performance at the corporate, item, and item attribute levels, and alerting you to when suppliers or your internal processes are trending out-of-specification. Pro-active information means more problems are solved as early as possible, averting downstream issues.